SugarCRM 6.5 support and possible solutions

As is well known, SugarCRM Inc. announced that they will no longer support SugarCRM 6.5.x from July 15, 2017. This information would be nothing special, because it is common that new versions come out and older ones cease to support. The company that develops the system needs to focus on new versions and it is unnecessary to deal with old versions. But the trouble is when we look at the community edition, which is available for free. SugarCRM Community Edition remained in version 6.5.x. Only the paid editions SugarCRM Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate were upgraded to version 7. Information about ending support for versions 6.5.x probably means that SugarCRM is no longer interested in supporting a community edition. However, the problem may also occur if you are using a paid edition. If you are interested in possible solutions, read on.

SugarCRM Community Edition

But what does the end of the support mean? Will no longer community editions be enhanced by new features? Probably not. However, with regard to the new features, it has to be said that SugarCRM did not add so many features to community edition during support. It’s logical, new features are supposed to be the reason to take advantage of paid editions. SugarCRM Community Edition is available for free but has always included only the basic features.

SugarCRM Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate

In addition to customers using SugarCRM Community Edition, customers who use paid editions SugarCRM Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate can also be worried about ending support of 6.5.x versions. It may happen that they have a customized system from their vendor in a way that avoids easy upgrade to version 7. Even in this case everything is not lost. Read on.

Possible solutions

Continue using SugarCRM with our support

We are providing a security and functional patches to our customers automatically based on the Cloud CRM service or the service level agreement. In this respect, we do not rely only on the official versions of SugarCRM. The fact is that even in official versions is not all resolved. We therefore create our own security and functional patches that we install for our clients. If you are interested in the specific patches we have recently dealt with, we have placed the short review of patches at the end of this article.

Order the Cloud CRM service or support for your SugarCRM by the phone at +420 731 814 297 or by email at

Migration to SpiceCRM

In 2015, the SpiceCRM project was launched. The aim of SpiceCRM is to start, where the SugarCRM ended. SpiceCRM is built on advanced technologies. It is faster to use and easier to customize. Also important is PHP7 support, which is not part of SugarCRM Community Edition, but not even in SugarCRM Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate. We are involved in the development of SpiceCRM. We want to provide our customers quality CRM solution also in 10 years.

It is possible to migrate to SpiceCRM from both the community edition and even the paid editions of SugarCRM. If you are considering migrating from SugarCRM to SpiceCRM, consult with us on +420 731 814 297 or email us at and we will discuss everything that is needed to migrate.

Upgrading to SugarCRM 7

If you are using SugarCRM Community Edition, you probably may be interested in migrating to SpiceCRM. However, if you have one of the SugarCRM Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate and want to continue using the support from SugarCRM Inc., migrating to SugarCRM 7 may be a good option.

In case you need help with the upgrade, call us on +420 731 814 297 or email us at and together we will come to see how to upgrade your system.

Our security and functional patches for SugarCRM

We have recently solved:

  • adding a new phpMailer for TLS support;
  • fixing of the YUI library by using HTTPS;
  • inserting new phpmail and SMTP libraries;
  • modification of the core to work with the new version of PHP
  • fixing of the writing into the files and directories in new versions of PHP;
  • repairing of the HTML saving in the EmailTemplate module;
  • correcting the erroneous data deletion if the saving is runned out of the form;
  • fixing of displaying the function fields in ListView;
  • editing of the adding links between Accounts and Contacts when converting;
  • fixing of the functionality related to vCard;
  • extension of the file size when uploading vCard;
  • fix of the vCal and iCal definitions;
  • modification of the database classes to allow the correct call and return of results using procedures;
  • fixing the problem with special characters in the folder name in the mail account via IMAP;
  • fixing of the bug of browsing files instead of directories and invoking error messages when a blank directory;
  • fixing of the displaying of the tasks in the calendar;
  • fixing of the misconfigured condition when checking the assigned user in the ProjectTask module;
  • repairing of the most frequently called static functions so that they are static as defined;
  • fixing the missing index in the KBDocuments module;
  • repairing of the export in custom module;
  • modification of the cURL usage in standard jobs so that they run right up to the end;
  • adding of the search that the Community Edition refers to in logichook, but missed.